2016 Niche Site Challenge Presentations


It was just one month ago when I was reading Pat Flynn’s blog and decided to replicate what he and Tyrone Shum had done a few years back. The 2016 Niche Site Challenge was born.

I’ve been totally blown away by the response that the challenge has gotten and how many people have shown interest in it. Even before the challenge started I’ve come to know some pretty interesting people thanks to it, and learned a lot about niche sites too. I can’t even imagine were I’ll be 6 months from now when the challenge reaches an end, but I’m sure if each month is as intense as the last one has been I’ll be able to take my niches sites to the next level, and hopefully all the other participants will too.

Which brings me to the real reason for this post. I would like to introduce the 2016 Niche Site Challenge participants one by one so that we can all get to know each other a little better, it’s always good to know the competitions! 😉 This will also serve those who have decided not to participate this time but to follow the challenge closely to get a quick overview of the playfield right from the beginning!

So without further ado…

Bea López

Bea got started with the internet world almost by chance in 2009. A few years after that she started a personal blog about surf. Since then blogging has gone from being a hobby to turning into a passion and more importantly a profession!

First 30 days goals

  • Chose a domain
  • Set up a WordPress site
  • Have a solid MVP by the end of the month (I still need to decided what kind of niche site I want to start, a blog, a store, etc.)

Shawna Newman

Shawna earns a living from her niche site portfolio, but is testing out a new niche for this challenge with the goal of hitting $500/month with it. She’ll be sharing updates at http://skipblast.com

First 30 days goals

  • select a niche
  • get site up with logo
  • 5 posts live on site

Steve Jones

My name is Steve. I’m a Freelance Web Developer and I live in Spokane, Washington. I have a wife and 2 kids: a 5 year old and a 4 month old, both boys. I’ve never created any niche sites but have been following many of the leaders in the industry for quite some time and have been very interested in niche sites for a few years, I’ve just never had the motivation to get started. I’m ready now and looking forward to the challenge!

First 30 days goals

  • Market / Niche Research
  • Choose a Niche
  • Select a Domain
  • Get a WordPress site up
  • Have at least 5 articles written


I’m Yesh and I’ve been in the internet marketing niche since 2012. I’m mostly a freelance writer though with a sideline in affiliate sites and SEO. I currently have a 9-to-5 job so I can only work on this challenge every night or during the weekends. My New Year’s resolution is to be a millionaire (in my local currency) and this challenge is super timely. Still PhP1,000,000 to go, but it seems like this will be my year!

First 30 days goals

  • Finalize keyword research.
  • Setup and configure website (logo, plugins, permalinks, etc.)
  • Write the home page content (approximately 3,000 words) and add Contact Page, Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclaimer
  • Finalize my “services package
  • Conceptualize on a scalable way to generate revenue


I built an e-commerce site in 2015 + a site providing tools. Both sites had no visits, so I now want to do it the other way now: build a site with content to get visitors first, then monetize.

First 30 days goals

  • Find a niche
  • Register a domain name
  • Set up a WordPress site

Adam Briest

I have a background in digital marketing and have been passively researching niche site creation over the last few months.

While I’ve had experience in most every aspect of online marketing, SEO is one area that I haven’t had done much with. I’m hoping to get a good grasp on SEO techniques, as well as hopefully make a little bit of extra money.

I can’t wait to take the plunge and dive in and get to work!

First 30 days goals

  • Select a niche
  • Get a site built
  • Post initial content

Pranav Khanna

I have a background in Apparel Manufacturing and Exports (15+ years). I have dabbled a bit in the startup space.

Niche ecommerce sites, I believe, are a great opportunity as a side business. I am also a Runner and I love stories.

First 30 days goals

  • Identify the right niche in the Organic Beauty Products space
  • Study the DIY natural beauty product space
  • Evaluate if there is a business there
  • Create a framework/strategy on how to create the niche business which is a positive flow.

Adria Bernat

Although I haven’t been much into the Internet based business I’m pretty sure its not the future but the present, so I’m willing to get into it. My background in Music, Audio engineering and my experience in teaching have made me build a music education business and more recently an entrepreneur school in Barcelona. I’m a big fan of outdoor sports and discovering new things and that’s what makes me the entrepreneur I am.

First 30 days goals

  • Pick a domain name
  • Design a logo
  • Set up a WP site, set a theme, give the site some structure, etc.
  • Publish my first article


I worked in several “offline” companies and long time ago I started to read about work in or with internet. Actually I have a pasión: I love work in online projects!

Some time ago I had read about niche sites and Now I really want to do it.

First 30 days goals

  • Market Research and Choose a Niche
  • Register a domain
  • Get a WordPress site up

Guillermo Carone (Me)

I’m a serial internet entrepreneur with a background in Architecture and Design. I’ve built dozens of websites over the years, both for clients and for myself. I’m not the best programmer, but I know my way around code and love how simple the most complicated problem can be when you apply logic to it. My love for traveling has only grown with time and I’m now looking to increase my Passive Income Portfolio monthly revenue through Niche Sites (amongst other revenue streams) to allow me to become a full time nomad.

First 30 days goals

  • Chose a niche (I have three candidates I’m looking at right now)
  • Get some branding done
  • Set up a WP site, set a theme, give the site some structure, etc.
  • Publish my first article

10 Comments on "2016 Niche Site Challenge Presentations"

  1. Nice! Looking forward to working next to each of you in this challenge!

  2. Likewise! Here’s to our success!

  3. I’m so motivated right now thanks to this challenge. Let’s all succeed!

  4. Pranav Khanna | January 9, 2016 at 3:00 am | Reply

    Awesome. Thanks Guillermo. So looking forward to this

  5. Good luck everyone!

  6. Good luck everyone! Looking forward to see the results :)

  7. Hi everybody!!

    I am Pilar and I am from Galicia, Spain.

    My short bio: I worked in several “offline” companies and long time ago I started to read about work in or with internet. Actually I have a pasión: I love work in online projects!

    Some time ago I had read about niche sites and Now I really want to do it.

    Thanks Guillermo !

    First 30 days goals:
    Market Research and Choose a Niche
    Domain register
    Get a WordPress site up

  8. Guillermo Carone | February 2, 2016 at 1:29 pm | Reply

    Hi guys!

    It’s been a month now since the challenge started, which means it’s time for the first follow up review!

    What I’m going to need from you is a short text (1-2 paragraphs, more if you feel like it) explaining how you did over the past 30 days, what did you accomplish, what did you learn, etc. and a list with your goals for the next 30 days.

    Be sure to include the URL of your site in your text as I will follow links to all of them! :)

    You can send me your report to g [at] guillermocarone [dot com]. I’ll publish the post early next week.

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