Here is why you should NOT buy followers/likes for your social media platforms

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If you have a blog or any other sort of website, you’ve probably also created more than a few social profiles for your brand on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The thing with social profiles is that we just create them because we kind of thing we “have to”, but we don’t really know what to do with them or how to grow them. Plus many times we create one of those egg-chicken dilemmas for ourselves, were we think nobody is going to like our page unless other people have liked it first.

Whether it is because you want to get a nice number on your profile to give it that initial kick or you want it to grow at a faster phase even when its already established, the day will come were you’ll find yourself considering whether you should buy a bunch of follower/likes or not…

There are many different services offering to grow your follower base in a number of ways. I don’t want to generalize here as my experience is only with buying Facebook likes on Fiverr, but just keep in mind that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is…

So let me show you how buying a bunch of Facebook likes on Fiverr actually ruined my Facebook page which already had close to 14K totally organic and legit likes.

I had this Facebook page (still have) for my site I wasn’t doing much with it other than posting every new article that was published on the site. Just by doing this my page’s likes were growing steadily at a rate of 100 new likes per month.

Now we could argue if this is a lot or too little, but the truth is I just wanted it to grow faster and I got greedy… Instead of putting in place a better strategy than just posting my new articles on Facebook I decided to take the easy route and buy a 1K likes from a Fiverr gig I found (no need to look too hard to find one, there are hundreds).

So I went ahead and purchased the gig.

I was happy to see that the Fiverr user actually over delivered and I actually gained 1.1K like sin just a week. It all seemed great back then, but today, just a little over a year later, I can tell you buying those likes was a great mistake!

Two months after I go the 1.1K new likes my page’s count suddenly dropped by 400, probably because most of the 1.1K were fake accounts which Facebook tracks and eventually removes. But not only that, I havent got one single new like ever since… my previously steady growing follower bases suddenly stop growing and actually started decreasing a few likes per week…

A year went by and nothing changes, so I decided to buy some Facebook ads to promote my page and get more likes. It was my way of saying sorry to Facebook, show that I was still serious about that page and hopefully go back to the increasing number of likes that my page was getting before the Fiver gig. Guess what, it didn’t work… I did gain a few new likes from that campaign, but as soon as the campaign was over my likes went back to a flat, if not slightly declining graph.

This graph illustrates what I just explained here perfectly.

Unfortunately these images were lost during a bad migration of the blog, but to put in words what should have otherwise been shown in images, my likes were growing at a rate of 100 new likes per month. Then there was a jump of 1K when I bought the fiverr gig. After a few weeks there was a drop of 400 due to FB cleanup of spam accounts, and from then on nothing… just a flat line, no more new likes for me, not 100 per month, not 50 per month, not 10.

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From the many ways there might be to grow your Facebook pages likes, stay away from Fiver gigs!

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