How long does it take to become a successful Blogger?


This question is the Holy Grail for anyone thinking about starting a blog or for those of us who have already started it and might be feeling the frustration of showing up every day only to see our posts go unnoticed by the world.

So how long does it take to become a successful blogger?

I am sure you already suspect this, but the only correct answer to this question is; It depends. It can be a week, 6 months, 2 years, 5 years or never… Now that being said let’s try to find an answer that will leave you more satisfied.

Factors that will make you a successful blogger

There are many factors that will influence how long it takes you to become a successful blogger. Let’s list a few here to make sure we are all on the same page.

  • How many people are interested in your niche.
  • How many other people are writing about the same stuff you are.
  • How good you are at writing your content.
  • The memorability of your blog (a catchy domain, a clean design…).
  • Whether you actively promote your blog through other mediums such as social media or not.
  • How often you post.
  • And most importantly, how regular and persistent you are.

Now let’s assume your blog’s niche, design, quality of content, etc. are good enough and that the only question we are trying to answer here is “How long do I have to keep posting regularly to become a successful blogger?”.

Case studies

The only way to get an approximate answer to this question is by looking at other bloggers who have become successful over time. People who were just like you and me once but have now become respectable and successful each in their own way within their niches.

The Sales Lion

According to Marcus Sheridan at TheSalesLion it can take 6 to 12 months for most companies who blog consistently 2-3 times per week to show an increase in traffic. He later also suggested that blogs targeting a highly competitive niche can see this time increased to 18-24 months.


Pinch of Yum

For Lindsay and Bjork from  Pinch of Yum it took them 18 months to even start considering monetizing their traffic and when they did they only made $21,97 the first month. The good news here is if you fast forward to a  year later in June 2012 when Pinch of Yum was roughly 4 years old and their income was $31.073,42 per month with almost 2 million page views. So far their income seems to have stabilized as they were making $32.971,75 per month one year later, although their traffic kept growing hitting the mark of 2,5 million page views that month.

Every Where Ist

For Geraldine from Everywhereist it took 2 years to start seeing a significant steady increase in traffic and 3 years down the road she was consistently getting 100.000 visits per month.


Boost Blog Traffic

According to Jon Morrow at Boost Blog Traffic his blog was making $100.000 per month on January 2014 only two years after launching (according to their first post date). Although as Jon himself admits in this post he had spent years working with some of the best in the industry and he had a full blown launching strategy focused on reaching success faster than any of us realisticaly will. This doesn’t mean we can’t learn from some of his strategies!

Just a Girl and her Blog

Abby from Just a Girl and her Blog started blogging on January 2013 (according to her first post date). One year later she released her first income report and by that time she was making $2.446 per month after only 1 year of blogging. Same month next year, after only 2 years of blogging she was making an impressive $11.138 per month.

Leaving Work Behind

Tom Ewer from Leaving Work Behind started his blog in May 2011 and for the first five months he was consistently losing money. It wasn’t until his sixth month blogging that he started making a profit. One year and 125 posts later he was making $38.04 per month from his blog. However 2 years after launching he was making a much more respectable $1.618,41 per month

Wrapping up

As you can see each blog can be a whole different story… However, after reviewing all these cases studies and other stories I came across with while doing research for this post (and that I didn’t share because they were either too vague or incomplete), I come to the conclusion that 2 years is roughly the amount of time you’ll need to find the strength to post regularly on your own before starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In most cases after 2 years you should start to see signs of success, which might come in many different ways, a boost in traffic, a higher engagement in the shape of comments, a higher conversion rate on sales for items you are promoting…

Whichever the signs you start to see in your particular case though, I am confident they will boost your motivation to keep posting and that the journey will only get better from there on!

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