How much money can a blog really make?

how much money bloggers make

You’ve heard me say this before and I’ll say it again. Blogging is hardly a source of passive income BUT, it is a great place to build an audience were you can later promote other products that are actually part of your passive income portfolio. Also, even though blogging is not a source of passive income it is a sort of self-employment, which at least by my standards is already better than a regular job. So all my respect for those of you bloggers who show up every day to keep the rest of us entertained and well informed.

Because a blog is a great place to bring your different projects together and share them with your followers it usually happens that people who have a very healthy portfolio of passive income also have a blog. It also works the other way around. It’s relatively common to see bloggers who started blogging because it was their passion but start developing some passive income strategies over time to monetize their blog. It’s not unusual for instance to see a successful blogger publish a book which is a great source of passive income as explained here.

As you can see the role of a blogger and the role of someone who seeks passive income can very often overlap. So no matter if you want to focus 100% on blogging, 100% on building your passive income portfolio or if you are open to both worlds, I’m going to set myself on a mission which will probably interest you.

Blogging, just like building a passive income portfolio is something that takes time, a lot of time. And the worst thing is there are no guarantees at the end of the road. No one can tell you how long you’ll have to work for free or how much success you’ll achieve when you do. In my previous post “How long does it take to become a successful blogger” I did some research to find out the answer to the first question, how long?

Starting today I’m setting myself on a mission to find the answer to the second question, how much? How much can a blogger really make?

I’m a big believer in data, so what I’m going to do is get my hands on as many numbers as possible. Many blogs these days share their income reports, and other smaller bloggers might just be willing to share their numbers if I ask nicely (or so I hope). Once I get all the information I plan to put it all on a spreadsheet and do some data crunching to find out as much as I can about how much bloggers actually make, and there for how much you could make a few months from now if you start blogging today!

So stay tuned for my follow up posts were I’ll be posting the raw data I find plus the analysis and conclusions that can be drawn from that data.

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