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If you want to have a website you are going to need some hosting. If you decide to go for some sort of build-your-own-site platform such as wix or similar they will take care of hosting your site (for a price), but if you want to be in full control of your site then you need to get your own hosting.

There are dozens of hosting options out there, and honestly things can easily become overwhelming… which one to choose? Well I’ve set up hundreds of sites over the years. I currently have over 40 of my own and also manage a few for third parties, and it is my opinion that inmotion hosting is the best solution for small and medium sites (that is anything up to a few thousand hits per day).

Why inmotion hosting?

This is the hosting company I use for most of my own sites and also the one I recommend to all my clients and friends. The reasons why I like them so much are many, but here are the main ones:

  • Their servers response is under half a second up to 50 simultaneous connections most of the time.
  • Their servers come with cPanel which is the easiest and better documented interface you could hope for when it comes to managing your hosting.
  • They have a 24/7 support chat with native American operators (not Indian, no Pakistanis, etc. No offense)

If this sounds good to you here is a step by step guide with screenshots of how to set up your hosting.

How to set up your hosting step by step

  1. Visit the inmotion hosting website
  2. From the top menu select Web Hosting > Business Hosting

  3. If you are only planning on having one site then the LAUNCH plan is all you need. If you plan to have multiple sites though you’ll need to go for the POWER or PRO plans

  4. Choose whether you want to pay for 12 or 24 months and get a discount for your upfront payment

  5. Inmotion hosting is the best company for hosting, but I don’t recommend you user them to manage your domains too, Godaddy does a much better job at that. So here you’ll click on “I already own this domain or will handle the registration separately”.

  6. In the first section of this page you will be asked to pick the location of your server. I always recommend going for “East” since the East coast of the US is somehow between the West coast and Europe which will guaranty a more even load time from around the world. However, if your site will target a very specific geography feel free to choose any other zone. Either way the speed difference will be imperceptible for most.

  7. Fill in the information in the next section.

  8. Say “No, Thanks” to any additional services they want to upsell you to.

  9. Choose “No, Thanks” to any CMS installation as we will cover how to install it ourselves in another post.

  10. Finally input your payment information, check the terms and conditions checkbox and you are good to go!


Inmotion hosting is a pretty serious company (one more reason to love them). So in most cases you will receive a call from them before your credit card is charged to confirm that everything is ok.

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