Make money selling on eBay. I just made my first profitable sale on eBay


Something interesting happened to me this week. A friend and I were experimenting with CPA advertising for the first time on a very simple gaming website we recently launched. One of the banners we were displaying was from eBay, which offered $4 for each user who created an account through our banners. I had never bought a thing on eBay before, but I had heard about people who did and got great deals, so since I had been wanting to buy a wireless phone for my home I decided to give it a try (and make $4 in the process!).

So I register on eBay and start browsing through auctions for wireless phones until I find one that I like, bid on it and won the auction for 15€ plus 6€ for shipping.

A couple days later I receive a package with the phone at home, I open it, plug it in and… it didn’t work. After reading the phone’s instructions carefully I found out that that phone only worked on a certain company’s network, definitely not the one I’m in contract with.

At first I was filling kind of ripped off since I was sure nowhere in the item’s description did the seller mention this. However when I went back to the items description I found that it actually did mention it, in tiny letters at the end of the description of course, but the info was there so it was my fault.

After seeing the phone lying around my place for a couple of days and feeling frustrated about the purchase I made I decided to put it back for sale on eBay so that I could at least stop seeing there unused. So I downloaded a couple photos from the internet, wrote a short description of the phone (clearly stating it was only good for one particular company) and put it up for auction with very little hopes on getting my money back.

7 days later the auction ended and the phone sold for 19€ plus 10€ for shipping. I went to the post office, bought a bubble envelope and sent it for 5,29€, actually making a profit of 2,71€. I know, it’s not even 3€, but this caught me totally by surprise, I was ready to lose money on this and ended up making some!


I think this whole eBay thing deserves taking a closer look, who knows, maybe there is something good going on here and this is an opportunity to make money selling on eBay.


UPDATE. Just found this photo on my computer and had to share it. This is they one that got me started!


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