My experience selling on eBay. 16th month update


After having decided to give up selling on eBay a few months back, last time I updated I said I would keep my eBay store going until least until after Christmas to take advantage of the sales increase that had happened during that same season last year and that I was hopping would happen again this year. Well it did :)

I got my hands on a few cellphone gadgets!

I also got my hands on a few cellphone gadgets!

Thanks to my friend in Japan who was taking care of buying and shipping most of the items I sold I was able to make some decent revenue over Christmas season without really much effort (since I wasn’t the one going to the post office this time).

I’ll go into the numbers in a bit, but before I do that I want to say that I think it’s important to stick to one’s word, even (or specially) if you’ve given it to yourself. So this time for real I will be putting and end to my experience selling on eBay experiment. Like last time I said I would I still have a few items in stock I need to get rid of, but after that this experience will be over. I will try to write a wrap up post with the key things I’ve learned over this past year and a half, but the truth is even though selling on eBay has provided me with some nice extra cash it doesn’t fit into my definition of passive income which at the end of the day is still my end goal.

The numbers

Ok so moving on with the numbers. Below is a breakdown of the sales for the months of September, October, November and December. I subtracted my friends cut from every sale individually, so the profit you see in the tables below already accounts for that.


September’s profit breaks as follows on sales of 1.428€:

Digital goods4,98€
Physical goods72,53€
eBay fees95,72€


October’s profit breaks as follows on sales of 1.340,50€:

Digital goods 7,47€
Physical goods166,99€
eBay fees81,54€


November’s profit breaks as follows on sales of 3.395,99€:

Digital goods6,97€
Physical goods454,99€
eBay fees112,09€


December’s profit breaks as follows on sales of 2.616,10€:

Digital goods24,08€
Physical goods497,99€
eBay fees24,37€

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