My experience selling on eBay. First month update


September has been my first month actually trying to make money selling stuff on eBay. As mentioned in my post before starting this experiment my idea was to buy items on eBay itself and then resell them on the platform hopping to make a profit by offering more trust and a better buying experience than the people I bought them from did. So this is my experience selling on eBay for the first month.

Over this first month I completed 8 transactions. That means I bought and then resold 8 different items, mostly PSP’s, PSP games, a Nokia phone and some piece of software to watch international TV channels from your computer.

If you are thinking “hey you never mentioned you were going to be selling software on your previous post”, you are right, I wasn’t planning to, until I came across this particular piece of software which seemed interesting and I could purchase with full reselling rights. This is a really interesting value proposition because you can purchase the software once (for $35 in my case) and then sell it as many times as you want, plus shipping the product to the customer is way easier than sending a phone or a camera. I’m definitely going to be digging dipper into this category and hopefully growing my catalog of digital goods for sale on eBay.

But back to the numbers. I ended up netting 124,44€ on sales of 999,45€  for the month of September, which break as follows.

Digital goods75€
Physical goods107,22€
eBay fees55,21€


As far as time goes getting the listings ready took about 2 hours per item, including taking photos, writing a description, etc. Wrapping every item so that it could be shipped safely took about 15 minutes per item. And last going to the post office didn’t take that long since I put half my listings up one day and half another, which means I only had to go to the post office twice instead of seven times.

It’s also worth mentioning out of the seven physical products I purchased and then resold I made money on six of them and took a loss with one of them.


So far the experience hasn’t been great nor terrible. 124,44€ doesn’t sound like a lot, but hey everything counts and even though I invested quite a bit of time I could perfectly chose when to work on this and when not to. I think I’ll keep going, one month is not enough to prove this concept, plus the Christmas season is coming up soon and that should help sales.

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