My experience selling on eBay. Ninth month update


It’s been 9 months now since I started selling on eBay and 3 months since my last update on my experience selling on eBay.

Similar to my last update you’ll find that the numbers for April and May are low compared to the months prior. This is mainly because I had to move back to Barcelona, Spain and wasn’t able to sell any physical items for a while.

Something worth mentioning that I’ve learn from moving back and forth while trying to keep my eBay store alive is making a trip can really break your rhythm. I didn’t realize so at the beginning, after all its only 12 hours you spend on the airplane, make it 72 hours if you wish to give yourself time to land, rest and be ready to get to work again. But the truth is because of the long sales cycle it takes to sell a physical item on eBay (you need to first purchase it, wait to receive it, put it up for auction for 7 days, wait for the payment, then ship it out) you have to stop selling almost 2 weeks before you get on that plane, and it will take you another 2 weeks to get the wheel rolling again once you get to your destination.


This is what my dorm room looks like these days!

Now that being said I have to admit moving to another city for a few months wasn’t all bad news. For one it was NY I had the pleasure of living at! And it also gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about selling internationally, finding suppliers abroad, etc.

Last time I updated I mentioned this idea about buying gadgets in the US directly at the store and then selling them to European buyers on eBay hoping to make a profit because of the strong euro we currently have. Well, it turned out it could be done, and I did it a few times during March and then kind of slowed down since I was so overwhelmed by the city I was living in and didn’t spend so much time on eBay.

The numbers

So here are the numbers from my eBay store sales for the last 3 months:

During March I purchased 8 items directly from the stores in NY or from eBay US and then sold them on eBay Europe. I only took a loss with one. Here is how the profit numbers break for March on sales of 1657,81€ :

Digital goods153,45€
Physical goods237,99€
eBay fees76,78€


During April I purchased 5 items directly in the US and sold them in Europe. I took a loss with two of them. Here is how the numbers break down for April on sales of 522,60€ :

Digital goods63,57€
Physical goods38€
eBay fees98,60€


During May I sold very few digital goods, basically just a couple gadgets I could bring with me on my trip back. Here is how the numbers break for May on sales of 602,30€:

Digital goods88,77€
Physical goods58,48€
eBay fees59,36€



Like I said taking a trip really breaks the rhythm of your eBay store, and now that I’m back in Barcelona I’m thinking maybe it’s time to be done with this experiment. After all selling on eBay, although exciting, has proven time consuming and not really a source of passive income, except for the digital goods category. I still have a few items in stock I need to sell, but I’m thinking these will be the last.

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