My experience selling on eBay. Sixth month update


It’s been 6 months now since I started selling on eBay and 2 months since my last update on my experience selling on eBay.

As I suspected the Christmas season really busted sales ad January has been much slower, at least with respect to physical items. Digital goods on the other hand are still working very well for me and I haven’t seen a decrease in sales in this category after the Christmas season.

Before I dive into the numbers I have to say February numbers have been really low because I just moved to NY were I will be spending the next three months studying English. For obvious reasons I wasn’t able to keep selling from Barcelona, Spain (my home town) and I had to stick to digital goods only (another proof of how selling digital goods on eBay can really become a source of passive income according to my definition of passive income).

Always keep looking for the opportunity

Just when I thought I would have to give up selling physical items on eBay for the next three months though I came to realize there are so many gadgets to buy here in the US which the European market will love to get, plus if I take advantage of the strong euro we currently have I think it’s even possible that I can buy stuff directly on regular brick and mortar stores in dollars and sell it to Europe in euros making a profit. Stay tuned for future updates to see how this idea turns out.

The numbers

Ok, so back to the last 2 months numbers.

Like I said January was slow in terms of physical items sales, with 8 sales (1 loss), but was great in digital goods sales. Here is how the profit numbers break up for January ’07 on sales of 1312,90€ :

Digital goods367,97€
Physical items80,88€
eBay fees82,70€


And here is how they break down for February when I couldn’t sell any physical goods as explained earlier. On sales of 313,10€

Digital goods109,05€
Physical items0€
eBay fees51,15€



So far my experience selling on eBay is proving to be an interesting one and I look forward to see what new opportunities arise now that I’m forced to start over my physical items category from the US.

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