My experience selling on eBay. Tenth month update


On my last update on my experience selling on eBay I left thinking it was time to close up this chapter and move on to something else. That feeling only got stronger once eBay contacting me letting me know I couldn’t continue selling two of my best digital items since apparently the user who sold them to me didn’t fully own the software and therefore couldn’t sell the resell rights to me. You know what they say, when something seems too good to be true it usually is!

So I was ready to shut down my store, but guess what, I’m now in Japan and I’ve found that I can do the same thing I was doing from New York, only here it’s even better because the Yen is much weaker than the US dollar right now and also because this is the mecca for technology gadgets. Not only technology is priced really cheap here compared to Europe, but they also have some gadgets for sale that haven’t even reached the stores in Europe yet. I’m thinking this can be a great opportunity and I’m definitely going to go for it. After all, even if it doesn’t turn out to be as good as I think it can, how much fun can it be to go technology shopping in Osaka? :)

For those of you who didn’t follow my NY update the opportunity here relies on buying gadgets directly from the store in NY (or in Japan in this case) and sell them on eBay to European buyers hopping to make a profit because of how strong the euro is right now versus the US dollar and the Japanese Yen.

The numbers

Just to keep the timeline complete for those of you who have been following the updates on my experience selling on eBay, here are the profit numbers break down for June on sales of 400,60€ .

Digital goods90,05€
Physical goods13,56€
eBay fees52,41€


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