My passive income portfolio review (December 2015)


This is how my Passive Income Portfolio looked like for the month of December in terms of diversity.

December wasn’t a great month for my passive income portfolio, mostly because of the weight that my stock portfolio carries and the fall most of the tech stocks I own experienced during this month. I anticipate though that these stocks will go up again soon enough when companies make public their reports for the last quarter of 2015 and their Christmas sales.

Still my passive income portfolio broke even this month and even generated a tiny profit.

Other than the bad performance of my stocks there are two things that I take from this last month of the year, one good and one bad.

The bad first. I was sad to see that the income generated by my WordPress plugins actually declined for the first time since I put them up for sale. I have a couple new plugins on the way and hope this revenue stream will keep growing once I launch them. I also hope the new releases will give a small sales bust to the old plugins since buyers sometimes look in the full portfolio of a developer when looking to purchase a plugin.

The good was seeing how my income from Amazon affiliated not only didn’t decrease as I anticipated in my November Report but actually grew slightly making December 2015 my best month as an Amazon associate so far.

What now?

For January I anticipate my AdSense earnings will go back to average numbers and I hope that my stocks go back to where they were in November once companies start releasing their quarterly reports. I would also like to see my Amazon affiliate income increase, or at least stay where it is right now (since I’ve read January is not a great month for sales). Hopefully my plugin sales will go back up once I release my new plugins, although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to release them by the end of the month so that might have to wait a little while longer. We’ll see!

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