My passive income portfolio review (October 2015)


This is how my Passive Income Portfolio looked like for the month of October in terms of diversity.

In case you haven’t been following I’ve been trying to diversify my passive income portfolio for a few months now. I started this journey with just 2 streams of passive income in my portfolio and have increased that number to 5 so far. The new additions have been Amazon Affiliates, revenue generated from the sales of some WordPress plugins I’ve developed and other affiliate programs such as InMotion Hosting.

It is true that the two streams I started with are still heavy on my portfolio and basically drive my month to month results, but at least those other three streams are already in place and have now the potential to grow form here.

This month my new streams of passive income only accounted for 4% of my portfolio, but this is also due to my stocks portfolio performing exceptionally well which diminished the performance of all the other streams a little.

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