The one piece of the search algorithm Google did tell us about


UPDATE. Today, December 17th 2015 Google anounced they are going to give even more weight as HTTPS as a ranking signal. You can read the anouncement here.

We hear about SEO all the time and how crucial it is for the success of our online business. I definitely think SEO is important, I also think many times people rely on it more than they should or in situations when it doesn’t make much sense. Facebook for instance doesn’t care much about SEO right? Not only because they are already known by virtually anyone but also because most of their content is hidden behind a login form, so Google and other crawlers have n way to access that content.

Anyway, the one place were SEO is definitely the key to success is if you are planning to monetize a website through advertisement such as Google Adsense. The amount of traffic you’ll need in order to see any decent income coming in from online advertising on your site are so huge that the only reasonable way of getting that traffic is organically. Now in a million years you’ll be able to spread the word about your site through word of mouth or promote a couple Facebook updates and tweets and get the amount of traffic you need to make this passive income revenue stream worthwhile.

So now that we agree that organic traffic (and therefore SEO) is key to earn passive income through online advertisement let me point something out which might seem rather obvious to some, but has gone completely unnoticed for many so far (including me until recently).

The things we DON’T know about the search algorithm

Those of us who rely on SEO to build traffic and earn income spend quite a lot of time learning about strategies to improve our SEO and grow the amount of organic traffic our sites get. We go on forums and blogs and read about things people have tried, things people claim have worked for them and things people claim have not.

At the end of the day though, we are just guessing… Nobody knows how the Google ranking algorithms work, at least not exactly, and all we can do is try to guess what actions might have a positive impact on our rankings and which one’s wont. And still what might give us a ranking bust today might do nothing or even hurt our ranking tomorrow.

Most people agree building back links to our site is good for SEO. However too many links from certain sites can hurt us.

People also tend to agree that a higher density of keywords in our content will help you rank higher. However if your keyword density goes above an unknown level this will all of a sudden penalize you.

SEO as a discipline were some people claim to be experts is a little grey and shadowish to say the least…

The thing we DO know about the search algorithm

There is one thing though we do know about the Google algorithm, and we know it because they told us. And it is something as simple as sites using the HTTPS protocol will rank higher than those using the HTTP protocol.

You don’t need to like or dislike this statement, you don’t need to agree or disagree, you just need to accepted as Google has been quite clear about it.


We spend endless hours and sometimes quite some money trying to figure out the unknown, trying to beat the system, figuring out ways for Google to love us more than it probably should and send us more of that precious traffic we are all after.

Now we’ll probably keep doing this no matter what. But here goes a thought. Why don’t we just spend 1 hour and $80 a year do make sure we are at least taking care of the one thing we do know will help us rank better? The difference might be unnoticeable, but it will be there, Google told us!

Once you’ve taken care of that you can go back to trying to beat the system if you like, just be smart about it.

As for me I have already purchased my SSL certificate for my main AdSense generating site and can now proudly say WikiArquitectura is running over the latest and securest HTTPS standard :) I encourage you to do the same!

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