Things I could buy with my 2015 AdSense earnings


The end of 2015 is still fresh in everyone’s minds, and I’m pretty sure just like me there are many people who are currently wrapping up 2015 and making balance. In my particular case that means closing a lot of Excel tabs and opening a lot of new ones, also run a lot of self-audit reports.

So I was looking at my AdSense income for this past year today see how this particular stream did compare to other years and also see if I could find any way to improve it for next. I was doing this and trying to put into perspective what this amount actually meant, so I decided to make a list of things that I could’ve bought this year just with my AdSense income.

Some of you might be thinking I’m just publishing this to brag about, but I can assure you I’m not. Actually I would be making quite a fool out of myself if I was because although I’m extremely happy with how much I made there are many people out there making way more! My goal by publishing this is to actually encourage people who might be pursuing their personal goals in through AdSense revenue to keep going, because trust me, these numbers didn’t look even close to this a few years back!

Things I could do with my 2015 AdSense revenue

So, money is only a number, and it has different value for different people what some would consider to be a lot others not so much. Experiences on the other hand have a lot more value than its price tag, and knowing that I could’ve done any of the following this year thanks to my AdSense income is what makes me be so grateful and keeps me excited about pursuing my Passive Income goals.

Zero Gravity Flight

01I love it when rules of physics seem not to apply. Roller coasters, some extreme sports… I get a thrill every time I get the chance to experience those physical inputs that make you feel so alive! Well I’ve never tried this yet, but I’m pretty sure experiencing zero gravity has to be one of the coolest feelings!

I imagine freefall in all its forms and shapes can be a close enough feeling to what zero gravity might feel, but you still have all that wind on your face and noise… Well now imagine the same free fall but were you fall together with an airline which is taking all that for you. That is what a Zero Gravity Flight is!

More info here:

Go to the movies… every day!

330563386_0726_movie_theatreI love movies, and I love going to the theater more than I like watching them at home, and although Marta and I have become quite addicted to some series lately (which we do watch at home) we still go to the movies quite often.

So I know this isn’t realistic, even if you love something you can get tired of it if you do it every day, but it’s nice to know that if we wanted to we could have gone to the movies every day this year thanks to AdSense!

Climb the Kilimanjaro

v031108I’m not a big fan of hiking, but I am a big fan of traveling and I like for all my trips to have a purpose. Just visiting a different city usually isn’t enough for me to make me excited about a destination, I need to find something I need to do there, whether is take photos of a particular building, attend an event or visit a friend.

Well with that in mind I’ve always thought that climbing the Kilimanjaro would be a great excuse to visit Kenya and Tanzania, don’t you agree? :) and although I’m usually all for ditching tour guides I do believe that you need to find an experienced hiker who knows the area if you want to do this, which of course you can for a fee.

If you are interested in finding an organizes trip to the Kilimanjaro you can find more info here, although there are many other agencies offering these kind of services and I’m not recommending this one in particular as I haven’t tried this one or any other yet:

Take a trip around the world

around the world ticketsWell this might not be entirely true. The price of a trip around the world can vary a lot depending on how many destinations you want to visit, which destinations are those, how long do you want to be traveling for etc.

So I wouldn’t say I could’ve taken a trip around the world with my AdSense income this year, at least not the way I would like to make a trip like that, but I could’ve done it by KLM standards!


It’s not easy to live from Passive Income. Although many people like the idea it can be hard not to have fixed amount coming in every month, and when you are starting out it’s hard to see those first $2 per day as a great start instead of a failure.

Well I hope this serves as prove that $2 a day can turn into $20 and hopefully those can also turn into $200!

Oh, and since there are so many people making up stories about Passive Income on the internet these days, here is proof that everything I said above is true.




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