Why you should build your Passive Income Portfolio even if you love your 9 to 5 job


Sometimes when I explain to someone what I do for a living, when I tell them about passive income and gaining financial freedom I get an “Oh, that’s cool, but it’s not for me”.

Some people are happy with their regular jobs. That is completely fine with me, I actually think it’s great, as long as you are happy with what you are doing I really don’t care if you have your own coffee shop, are working for a big corporation or have set yourself in a mission to save the Panda bear. As long as you get that feeling every morning that you are doing something meaningful that really fulfills you then I encourage you to keep doing whatever you are doing.

Actually, not only do I have the deepest respect for those who are happy with their more traditional jobs, I’m actually thankful that that they are, it’s necessary. In order for you to be able to have your life style and your life goals there needs to be other people who have other life styles and other life goals. Imagine for example we all wanted to travel the world and basically live like nomads, who would run the local restaurants? Who would drive the trains and busses that take us form place to place? We are all part of the puzzle and we are all equally necessary.

Now that being said I do believe passive income should be something every single one of us should be interested in, and maybe I’m being close minded here wanting everyone to be part of what has become my passion, but I truly believe having a healthy portfolio of passive income can be beneficial for absolutely everyone and here are a few reasons why I believe this to be true.

Treat yourself to something nice

Whether you like shoes, watches, nice restaurants or going to the theater. Having an extra source of passive income in addition to your regular salary will allow you to do more of whatever it is that you like.

This will basically translate into you being happier which means people will feel better being around you. That will open the doors to new connections and opportunities.

If you are married or live with a partner this will also allow you to do more of the things you like to do together increasing the chances of having a more healthy and successful relationship. Think of your passive income as money to enjoy, to make life better. Take her/him out to a restaurant, go and spend a night at a hotel in your own city, surprise her/him with something you know they’ll like. You’ll be surprise how much a few hundred dollars a month will change your life when they come on top of your regular income.

Challenge what you think is wrong

No matter how much you like your regular job I’m sure you sometimes don’t agree with what you are ask to do. No matter if you work at a large bank or a startup at the end of the day you’ll probably be working under someone’s direction or supervision, and even if you think your “boss” is the coolest boss ever, if you are passionate about what you do you sometimes just can’t help to have a different opinion than the people you are working with.

If your day job is your only source of income and your paycheck is the only thing paying the bills you will probably want to be extra careful when disagreeing with other, specially your superiors. You just don’t want to piss the wrong person and risk getting fired. At least this is how most people working a regular job tend to feel.

Now imagine your job wasn’t your only source of income. Sure losing your job would be a huge set back and you would have to manage your savings carefully while you find another job, but you would still be earning something, and if that something is enough to support your core expenses then you are virtually in no rush to find a new job.

I’ve found that people who have a steady stream of passive income coming in actually perform better at their regular jobs. They know their backs are covered, or at least partially covered, even without that job. This allows them relax and really give the best they’ve got, even when that means expressing opinions or making decisions that might not perfectly align with what other people think or expect you to do.

Feel confident about taking a step in a different direction

Most of us will work for an average of 40 to 45 years in a life time. That is a long time, and even if you are passionate about what you do it is still normal that at some point you might want to shift to a different field. Sometimes it will be an organic evolution, like going from being a web designer to a front end developer, other it will be something completely different.

Most adults at least agree that at some point they would like to try something different. But how do you make that decision? When do you say “today is the day, I’m going to quit my job and go spend my live savings while I make myself a career in a different field”? That takes a lot of courage, and even if you have the courage making that decision might even be a bit reckless if you have a family or other kind of responsibilities. Most adults put themselves in the position were its virtually impossible for them to take that step, family, kids, loans, the house… all those things tie them to their current situation.

However, if you develop a portfolio of passive income revenue streams while you move forward in your more traditional career, you’ll find that you can actually take that step in a different direction at any time without jeopardizing your current life style or the life style of those who depend on you.

Even if you end up never moving to a different field, it’s good to know you aren’t because you’ve chosen not to rather than to wonder, what if…

Help the causes you believe in

We can’t be everywhere all the time, it’s just not fiscally possible. The day has 24 hours and we have so much to do there just isn’t enough time to take care of all the things we would like. There is no time either for us to get involved in all the matters that we would like. If you like to help out at the local shelter for instance you can save a few hours per week to do that, however I love animals and would like to do more to protect them and make sure they are able to live their lives in the wild. In order to do that though I would have to move to a place like Africa were several organizations are fighting for those animal’s rights. I definitely look forward to spending some time there helping, but no matter how hard I try I just can’t see myself as anything else than a city person.

Having a regular source or passive income coming in I am able to support those causes I feel related to without actually being there all the time. It makes me feel better, like I’m contributing to saving those animals. You might think this is a selfish thought, that just giving money doesn’t solve the issue, and I agree, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to donate their money just to feel better with themselves, but like I said, I feel like I’m contributing what I can to the causes I believe in, that makes me feel good, and happy, which as always translates into a more positive attitude towards life and of course work too.


Gaining financial freedom isn’t necessarily about quitting your job. Gaining financial freedom for many people is about knowing that they can challenge the status quo at their jobs every day, giving the best they’ve got in them, without having to worry so much about losing their jobs.

For all these reasons I encourage everyone to build at least a small portfolio of passive income revenue streams for themselves. I truly believe the time and effort invested into this will pay off in so many other ways.

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